DID YOU KNOW: TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are the same formulation in different size containers!

TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are the ONLY anti chafing, anti-friction, anti blistering products found in a convenient environmental friendly aerosol spray. Gone are the days of goopy messy hands and contaminated sticks, the continuous spray application of TRISLIDE & Skin Slick makes them easy to use and safe to share!

TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are becoming the preferred 'chamois anti chafing' treatment for cyclists to eliminate saddle sores. For cyclists, one application goes on silky smooth and stays on without a squishy, wet chamois feeling. It stays on for hours but doesn't leave a greasy lube residue. Compared to others that may wash off, it is waterproof which means sweat proof!

Not only are TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are great for eliminating chamois chafing, but they successfully combat blistering and hotspots on runner's feet and all general skin chafing (inner thigh, underarm, sports bra, chest and neck).

TRISLIDE & Skin Slick also help ease entries and causes wicked fast exits from triathlon wetsuits! For triathletes, surfers and divers, our anti-friction sprays are completely safe to use on all neoprene compared to petroleum or vegetable-based products that will disintegrate the wetsuits. TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are a liquid silicone-based product that will not stain most clothes and be removed easily with the combination of soap and water. TRISLIDE & Skin Slick are the most innovative products to prevent chafing, blistering, irritation, and hot spots found in swimming, biking and running. 

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