Sorry for giving you the run around

We've change our name from PREY Defiant to Endurance Edge.

This is our new site!

As we've grown and expanded in new directions, our identity and culture have evolved too.

The name PREY Defiant was a bit of a gamble; the rebellious teenage years of the business Tegz started in 2011 (Wildplans), which Kellie joined in 2014 and which continues to thrive in 2019.

As we've increased our involvement in OCR, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Triathlon and other Endurance Sports we've seen a shift in our customer base. The imagery and brand identity that connected with Trailrunning are less immediately relevant to these groups, and we've come to realise the importance of reinventing (or at least re-labelling) ourselves. We wanted to choose a name that was true to our origins but which also reflected the growth of our range and audience.

This is not a sell-out of our core Trail Family. On the contrary, a big part of this change is driven by our desire to spend more time on the trails and in the mountains and less time explaining how the Raw, Uncut, Confronting identity of PREY Defiant is relevant to a different crowd. We're still trail bums at heart.

Meet the old kid on the block with the shiny new name.