Custom THIRs

The perfect valued-add for your event, group or business

Need a Custom THIR for your event, group or business?

Customs THIRBands are a great way to promote or add value to your event, festival or company. Include a custom-designed THIR with your race entry, generate brand loyalty for your festival, sell branded merchandise or build social proof for your company.

All custom THIR products are produced using a state-of-the-art sublimation printing process, using your own artwork or logo. We can do the design work for you, or you can supply your own to our production specifications. From first contact to delivery, the process takes about eight weeks (depending on volume and the design process).

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Terms & Conditions

Production Lead Time: 6-8 weeks upon approval of design proposals and receipt of deposit.

Packaging: Retail cardboard hanger (for retail display) or rolled (better for posting)

- Quotes include the finished product with packaging, design layout, setup, and shipping. 50% deposit will be due upon approval of the design with the remaining balance due prior to shipping. 
- Quotes are based on the supply of a specified number of units. Adjustment to the number supplied may change the per unit price.

Design: Your quote will state whether design services are included or additional.  

Sizes: One size fits most adults. 49cm x 24cm (stretch)

Minimum Order Quantity: Our minimum order quantity is 100 units.


1. Printing produces a 24x49cm design that duplicates on the reverse.  

2. Care is needed around the edges and sides so that either:
a) the design overlaps with itself,
b) is complex so the eye carries it over or,
c) is a solid colour. 

3.    Edges can roll up so text should be given a reasonable buffer from all edges.   

4. The process of printing on fabric is not as exact as paper or other mediums so it is worth noting that you wont be able to line up the design exactly on each side. 

5. Given the fabric stretches differently at different times during printing process edges can be out by a few millimetres at worst.

6. Final layout files should be submitted as Hi-Res PDFs.  However, vector files (e.g. .AI, .EPS) are preferable where we're contributing design work or pre-press composition.

7. Raster files should be avoided wherever possible.

8. Proofs will be returned for signing and all orders will be place on-hold until signed.

6. THIR reserves the right to approve designs before accepting the order.


In all sponsorship arrangements, the following are baseline expectations:

1. Mention of the THIR brand name through sponsorship-recipient channels (i.e. no more than is natural and fair, certainly nothing excessive).

2. Any official correspondence should refer to THIR by name i.e. not BUFF. For example, a reference in the mandatory equipment list might look like the following:

Warm headwear e.g. Beanie or THIR band (to be supplied with rego)
But would not look like this:
Warm headwear e.g. Beanie or BUFF (to be supplied with rego)


THIR aims to distinguish itself in the apparel market through a combination of high-quality products and active support of the trail running and adventurous outdoor markets. We're active trail runners, obstacle racers and mountain bikers ourselves and take a THIR with us on every run, race or ride.

Born in a ditch somewhere during the 2012 Northburn 100miler, THIR lives and breathes outdoor adventure. The packaging of THIRbands features an extract of the Northburn Topo map, and a lot of the design names for our production bands make references to iconic places and races in NZ. Our love for the trails goes even further across the ditch.

Our relationship with local running clubs has included Victorian Ultra Runners, the Surf Coast Trail Runners, Brisbane Trail Runners, Dandenong Trail Runners, Lysterfield Trail Runners and Peninsula Trail Runners and many others. Supporting these groups plays a big part in our company vision.